Where we operate

The Empiric portfolio is well aligned to the high-growth locations with 95% by value classified as either London, Super Prime Regional or Prime Regional

Beds by region as at 31 December 2022. Scale is representative of beds by region.

As at 31 December 2022:



31 December 2021 | 9,170

Cities and Towns


31 December 2021 | 29

Assets Held


31 December 2021 | 91

Investment proposition 

Differentiated Business Model within the Popular PBSA Property Sector

We target investment in prime regional cities which attract students from the growing pool of affluent international, postgraduate and returning undergraduates, whose premium accommodation requirements are relatively under-served by the PBSA market. This segmented supply and demand imbalance drives both occupancy and rental growth, creating relatively high-yielding investments which provide attractive total returns.

Responsible and Industry-Leading Operating Brand

Hello Student, our operating brand, has become one of the most effective, responsible and recognisable in the sector. In the 2022 Global Student Living Index, Hello Student® outperformed all benchmarks for student satisfaction, exceeding the average for university and private halls. We achieved a positive NPS score of 27; a higher score compared to the NPS benchmarks for private halls of 14. We pride ourselves on high quality customer service and amenities.

Sustainable Long-Term Business Model

There has been consistently strong growth in student numbers over the past decade, with strong growth set to continue for the foreseeable future.